Covid-19 Updates 

We want to help you navigate these changes so you can enjoy your Maine vacation.  Here’s what you need to know as you plan your escape to Wells Maine this season.

The Maine Quarantine does not require out-of-state visitors to isolate for 14 days, it allows our out-of-state visitors to stay at our hotels for any length of time while still being able to enjoy outdoor activities including our beaches.

Per the Governor of the State of Maine, quarantining guests, “are required to observe physical distancing measures, wear a face covering when appropriate, and abstain from all gatherings of more than ten people.  However, you are encouraged to get outside during your quarantine, whether it is to go for a walk, a bike ride, a hike, fishing, or a car ride, but only with members of your immediate household.  While you’re out, you have to maintain six feet distance from other people other than immediate family or household members.”

The State of Maine has opened up to 3 paths for your vacation!

Path 1:  In support of the State’s “Keep Maine Healthy” initiative, guests will be asked to complete a simple “Certificate of Compliance” when checking in.  This certificate will verify that guests acknowledge completing the necessary requirements for healthy and safe travel without having to take a test.

Path 2:  The Sate of Maine is also supporting a “Know Before You Go” approach to travel.  If you receive a negative result on a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of your stay, you can enjoy your vacation without limitations.

Path 3:  Residents of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont may travel in Maine without restrictions.  Social distancing is still in order.

Covid-19 Drive-Thru Rapid Testing Center

A Covid-19 Drive-Thru Rapid Testing Center is now available at York Hospital in York, Maine.   The cost is $25 per person and results are usually available within 15 minutes of taking the test. No physician order is required, and the tests are available to both residents of Maine as well as those visiting from out-of-state.  As a reminder, only adults are required to be tested to be exempt from Maine’s quarantine mandate, children do not need to take a test.  Appointments must be made in advance.  TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  

The Elmwood will reimburse the cost of up to two York Hospital Drive-Thru Rapid-Tests per unit rented for those guests staying for a minimum of three nights.  Please just show us the receipts for your tests when you arrive to check in at the Elmwood.   Due to privacy and HIPAA concerns, we ask that you  DO NOT show us the test results.

For more information on this program, please view the state’s Keep Maine Healthy FAQ page.   Maine strongly urges testing before you leave home or enter Maine so that you “know before you go.” Capacity for testing is available and expanding and reservations can be made before arrival. COVID-19 tests are available in Maine without referral from a medical professional under a standing order issued by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Websites like Get Tested COVID-19 show local testing options nationwide. But visitors are strongly urged to get tested before they travel.


Do I have to quarantine for 14 days either in Maine or my home state before I check-in?

No, the State of Maine allows ALL VISITORS to participate in the Maine Quarantine while staying at a hotel.  While on your stay with us you are free to enjoy the outdoors for a variety of activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, and biking, including in Wells and surrounding areas.  The Maine Quarantine applies to any visit between 1 and 14 days.

What is the Certificate of Compliance I will be asked to fill out?

When checking into your hotel, you will be asked to fill out a simple one-page Certificate of Compliance requiring you to check off a handful of boxes asking basic questions such as your past exposure to the virus, if you plan to quarantine (as described above), if you have tested negative for the virus, etc.  You then simply sign this form and we will keep it on file.

Do I need to take a Covid-19 Test to visit Maine?

No, you are not required to take a test to vacation in Maine, this is simply one of the paths to visit that are available to you.  If you have tested negative within 72 hours of your visit, that’s great news!  If so, you simply check off on the Certificate of Compliance that you have tested negative and you are free to enjoy your vacation as if you were a true local.  We will not be asking any guests to provide their test results.  The test requirement for this path to visit does not apply to children, only adults 18 years or older.

What activities are open?

More and more activities are opening every week.  Currently there are many boat tours available such as Finestkind Scenic Cruises or you can go fish on the Bunny Clark boat.  Our beaches are open as is the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Wonder Mountain Fun Park, and the York Zoo.

Are the beaches open?


Is the Marginal Way open?


Are the restaurants open?


What are my dining options?

Most restaurants in Wells and Ogunquit are offering indoor & outdoor dining, and the list of options is growing weekly.  Please note that our local restaurants each have their own protocols for dining safely that should offer you other great dining options.

Do I have to wear a mask during my stay?

 We simply ask that you wear a mask of your choice any time social distancing is not possible.  Once in your room, sitting on your deck, or outside you are free to remove your mask.  We appreciate your cooperation! 

Please note, the State of Maine issues updated guidelines regularly and we will do our best to keep you informed. 

Elmwood COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We have developed a number of new operating procedures and enhanced cleaning protocols in light of the COVID-19 situation in conjunction with the guidelines set forth by Maine CDC.  For the comfort of our guests, we ask that all parties maintain 6-foot social distancing and wear a mask any time that is not possible. Guests are asked to take particular care supervising children so that they remain with their family/party.  View Property Map

Front Desk
The Elmwood Front Desk is now operating 8 AM – 9 PM daily via the window at the front of the office. Only one guest from each party should go to the desk, we ask that guests take turns in this area, and utilize social distancing from each other as well as our front desk attendants.  A large desk has been set up outside the office for our new registration iPad and credit card machine. These machines, as well as all room keys, will be sanitized prior to use.   Although we will do our best to continue to offer a 3pm arrival time, we ask your patience in this situation as the new cleaning procedures take quite a bit of additional time to complete. 

Daily housekeeping service has been suspended this season, instead, a towel exchange program is in effect. In order to participate in this system, please place any dirty linens, including pool towels, into the red bag provided, remove any full trash liners from the trash receptacles, and put both bags outside the front door before noontime. 

At that time, using the room phone, contact our housekeeping department at extension 179.  Please leave a message if you get the voicemail as this extension is constantly monitored.  Clearly and slowly, please tell us your room number, which of the following supplies are needed, and the quantity of each item that you would like delivered:

Pool Towels, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Face Cloths, Bath Mats, Kitchen Towels, Kitchen Rags, Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue, Dish Detergent, Dishwasher Detergent, soap, and any other needs.

These items will be delivered in a green bag later in the day.

An extra supply of toilet paper, facial tissues, and dishwasher detergent has been provided in advance of your visit.  If you need any additional items, please inform the front desk before noon.  

On the day of your departure, please put any linens and sheets into the red bag and place it outside the room.

The tables & chairs in front of each unit have been sanitized for the corresponding condo.  Please do not relocate these items to other areas.  Per Maine CDC guidelines, all brochures, pens, notepads, guest directories, decorative bedding, throw pillows, knick-knacks, salt & pepper shakers, and small throw rugs within the units have been placed in storage for this season.

Outdoor Pool & Sundeck

The Outdoor pool & Sundeck are open from 9 AM – 9 PM.  Please enter the pool area from the gate on the left side, as the center gate will remain closed for this season.  A dispenser with hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and paper towels is provided for your convenience at the entry to the pool area.  The deck has been repainted and tables & chairs are laid out in sections to promote social distancing. Please use only one set of tables & chairs per party, do not relocate these items to other sections, and do not use areas of the deck with a large painted red X.  


In addition, there are painted blocks on each set of upright table & chairs and on each lounge chair.  Blocks with the green side turned up indicate the items have been sanitized.  When you have finished using the pool furniture, please flip the block over to display the red side and a member of our staff will sanitize the area.  Pool towels will be supplied in the condo in advance of your arrival, and may be exchanged each day as part of the towel exchange program.  Please DO NOT wear a mask when in the swimming pool.

The same red / green block system is in use on the picnic table & Fire pit areas.  Please reserve grills in advance by calling the front desk.  We will issue grilling tools & sanitizing wipes for use in this area.  Please make sure to return grilling tools to the front desk after use.  The Laundromat is also back in operation with enhanced social distancing and sanitation procedures.  The playground is now open, we ask anyone using the area to apply hand sanitizer before and after use of the area.

Our fitness center, Seacoast Fitness, has reopened with the following hours, Monday – Friday 7 AM – Noon & 4 PM-7 PM, Saturday 7 AM – Noon, Closed Sundays.

At this time our indoor pool remains closed.

Please do not use areas on the deck indicated by a Red X


Green Side Up = Sanitized

Please Turn to Red Side when Departing Pool Area


Red Side Up = Do Not Use

A Member of our Staff Will Sanitize Soon


Departure Procedure
At the completion of your visit, please leave the room keys on the kitchen table and contact the front desk using the room phone. We will be happy to email your receipt.



Guests may only take advantage of our Coast of Maine Get-A-Ways or Stay Two Nights, Get One Free BONUS nights by reserving directly.


Less money down and more relaxed cancellation policy

Guests reserving directly are only required to make a one night deposit (two nights for stay of a week or longer), and the Elmwood's cancellation policy is much less restrictive than the non refundable policy of the Online Travel Agencies.


Guest Rewards

Guests booking directly qualify for a five percent rebate for future visits through our Guest Rewards Program.


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